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Hi all thanks for your patience with your sis and daughter :) Often I am a wild dreamer and quite dramatic when it comes to every detail in life! Joe I was giving you a teasingly hard time, but my brain couldn't quite comprehend your response - sorry - too much studying. sorry if I offended you, but I do come from a different era than you, by 2 1/2 years ;) As for the law enforcement thing, I've always been interested in it, but don't think it's #1 priority on my list. I'd love to be an undercover cop - but that wouldn't have to be full time - I could still have a ministry and/or family and be the undercover detective. Besides, if God designed me better to funtion as a cop than a camp leader, He'll clearly lead me in that direction - honestly God can use anybody anywhere, I don't believe He is limited to one direction with one life. That's the whole fun of life - not knowing exactly what God has in mind but trying to find it out and discern what He's truly made me for - even if I fall flat on my face a million times, He's still gonna pick me back up on my feet, wipe the dust off, and we'll keep going - His will of good coming from my life is still gonna be accomplished no matter what - it's not up to me but Him, cause I am His. Love ya all! Kristina! Hi! I didn't know you were on the blog too! :)
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Hi All!
This is my first time on the blog! Hope you are all doing well! I love those pictures Bec and Lucas! Joe, is there anything besides money, kids, your wife, and sex that get you excited ;) Love ya bro :) Mama - smile more and jump on to the ride of life with zeal and joy. Life is not ever going to happen the way we think it should or want it to - God's plans are so much more amazing than we can imagine, leaving us to let go and dive into mid-aire by faith and experience the exhilaration of God taking control (or realizing He is) Ted, your an awesome brother - keep up the good work and enjoy the mishaps of life - makes it more exciting!
My latest crazy but exciting idea is to go to law enforcement school in Alabama after graduation - we'll see
Love you all!
Smile! - deep inside - let that light out :)
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