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So, TWF this weekend was hot... very hot. I didn't go. Ted did but it wasn't like all of us got to see each other. How'd it go for others?

Is there a time we can all get together this year, before the school year starts again? How about a State Fair thing?

On my way out to South Dakota in August, if I have time, I would love to stop by Joe and Kris's! It is a bit out of the way, but I would love to. Everyone on the trip knows you and we could do a pit/potty stop and get some refreshement!

BTW, Storybook Lodge looks like it will be October 6-9 or somewhere thereabouts! That weekend anyway.

Bye for now. I get to go back to Hamline University to study physics some more. Hey, I got a 95% on my midterm. It was tough test, but I loved it. And, all my meals are paid for. I am living like a king, only paying for fuel to get back and forth, but I even get a stipend! Couldn't be better. I love what I get from you all paying taxes. Onen more week of it then a Calculus workshop then I am done for a week, then Summit. Wow. State Fair, here we come... and then school starts. A teacher has the life! Envious, any of you? Oh... yeah, Ted make the dough, not me... but when you are where you love, ministering to kids, not so much dough is ok.

Take care all.
7/17/2005 9:41:47 PM by Adam Sands | Comments (3)

The Child in Revelation 12Man Child

Zach, in every place that I looked, the male child is a reference to Jesus, the Messiah. The woman, I am pretty sure, refers to Israel. The dragon refers to Satan. What exactly the drama that unfolds refers to, I am not sure. Some say it is an indication of the tribulation (1260 days is 3.5 years; half of 7), while others say it is historical about Israel coming out of Egypt, or Mary and Joseph fleeing to Egypt from King Herod. Why is it scary? And, next time you ask a question, click the box that allows comments!
6/17/2005 8:41:31 AM by Adam Sands | Comments (6)


Hello, family. This is weird, cause we can for sure call each other, but, if you have pix to share or something, that would be cool. Then we can download them back and forth.
3/8/2005 7:13:05 PM by Adam Sands | Comments (1)