Succession ShotsBabies

of best budds.
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best buddsBabies

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best buddsBabies

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First Taste of Peas!Babies

He hated it!
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My Dearest FamilyMy Jesus

And all other's who may access this Sands Blog. I'd like to share a little of what is going on in my life right now. In the past almost six months since I've had a child, it has been a road that seemed bleak and well, almost a lazy life. Every day, I would sit and think, this is really monotinous. There is no purpose here in staying at home other than taking care of my son and raising him properly. Now, I know you would say that that is most important and that it is entirely not being lazy. Well, I felt otherwise, and kept trying to get motivated into doing something purposeful. I could not feel satisfied at the end of the day, as if I'd accomplished everything on my To Do list. Then I went back to work, and it got a little better, but I still felt the same way.

So, I got back into my study of the Bible. I decided not to push myself to read so much in a day, but decided rather to take it one step at a time...reading just one passage a day, starting in Genesis. Right now, I am reading in Genesis 25 about Jacob and Esau. Just the simplest things are standing out to me. Like Abraham's faith and lack there-of, or Rebekah's complete faith in the God of Abraham, although she did not know what the future held for her in the least. I am comparing my life with the giants of faith before me. Yet they were but mere men and made many mistakes, falling into sin along the way. Just one little act of faithlessness from Abraham and Sarah created a nation that terrorizes the world today...Yet God, forgives and overlooks that...commending them for the faith they did have in Him.

If He was such a Gracious God to them, how much more would He be to me, after He sent His Son to die and rise again to proclaim eternal life to all who believe in Him? I feel so overwhelmed by His grace to undeserving! I was prompted also to read in the book of Proverbs, chapter 31. Verses 10-31 every day as well. Wow! To be a woman of virtue, I'd have to conquer the whole world, sin and holiness, all at once. I realized I can not do it on my own...trying to be the wife I should be for Lucas, or the mother I should be for Jamison. But in all my searching of the scriptures lately, I have found a purpose to look back on at the end of everyday, and feel like I accomplished something of value and importance.

If I could just have one more minute to show my husband I love him; one more second to hold my son and teach him God's ways, even though he doesn't understand yet; one more moment to search God and be diligent, never idle, never wavering, putting complete faith in my Jesus....I can look back on my day and say, "Wow Lord! Look what YOU'VE accomplished!" Then I have had a prosperous day. I make mistakes just as much as the greatest in the Faith, and just as much as the least. I look at my son and see a potential for a huge "Nation" if you will, and I am overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising him to produce good, and not evil. Then I remind myself that God is GOOD. If I place my trust and fears in Him, I am on the right path.

Oh, to hear those words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant! Welcome to the joy of my Lord." It makes me look at people differently, no judgement, just wondering where God has them, or where they are with God. May I never loose sight of that. May God continue to bless my family immeasurably, all the days of their lives.

Love you guys so much....Always.....!
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Tiger Lily ExtravagenceBec and Lucas

Here is a tiger lily from my very own back yard...thought I'd share with everyone, but thought Mama would like it the most. :) Love you all.

God has been teaching me much lately...I will write soon on His workings.
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'Mornin', all ! . . . . :) . . . love you all ! . . . :) . . . , Mama XO! . . . :)
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Jamison Jamison JamisonBabies

Thought I'd drop a little photo collage of our boy, before he gets any older...He's going to be great in front of the camera...heehee. Love you all Lots!
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Hello. :) . . .Lovely morning, eh?. . :) . . .Running you'all through my mind, seeking blessings for you all, special unto today. May I be made privy to the knowledge of the arrival of them? :) . . . . . . love beyond all measure, . . . . . . .Mama XO!
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Mama's FramePhotography

thanks to you, I have the perfect wedding presentation. :)
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Wedding ShootPhotography

Here are a couple photos from my wedding. Please enjoy. It wa a beautiful wedding centered fully on Christ. PLEASE DO NOT COPY. PICTURES ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT PROTECTION!
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Wedding ShootPhotography

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When life gets you royally ticked off!!!!Idiocy

I picked this category for obvious reasons. I was recently the victom of a crime that should have been very easy to avoid; but me being the excitable person that I am took it hook, line and sinker! The whole dang thing!

I was super excited about this great deal I was going to get on a motorcycle. I had gotten the loan from the bank for $2000 and I wasn't even going to have to use it... besides the $1000 I had already saved up. So I stupidly went along with everything and I lost $1700. The person took my money, and that was the last I heard from them. So I'm out all that money that I had saved up, plus the loan that I took out, and nothing to show for it.

I don't think I will ever live this one down. I get a horrible headache everytime I think about it. I actually cried about it, and that's a pretty rare occurance.

If you comment... I don't need anymore information about how stupid I was; thank you very much.

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Good morning, everybody! :)
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Golden Birthday PartyPicnic

This was at a friends golden birthday party. A handful of kids were there as well. It was so hot that day, but the kids still wanted to play. I think they all felt hot and lazy for a moment and were all facing the same direction. Lucky for me, I got a great candid shot of the three toddlers sharing a moment of solitude. What do you think?
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