Please PrayDesperate Need

PLease pray for the Selvig family. She was pregnant and about 16 weeks along. They just found out today that she miscarried. They are a dear family to ours. Please pray.
5/24/2006 5:24:40 PM by Lucas & Bec Carey | Comments (4)

Midnight SilflayPhotography

Close to midnight one night, I was leaving General Mills and chatting with my sweetheart on the phone. I saw this raccoon helping himself to the garbage at the station outside the ramp I was parked in and happened to have my camera along. So... CAUGHT! Red-handed.
5/23/2006 5:43:36 PM by Ted Sands | Comments (3)


Alas! I spent my last winnowing breath procuring this custom bouquet for some young ladies and 'twas tossed out at my feet.... BUT!..... There are no cats in america and the streets... OOPS. Wrong segue... and the picture shows otherwise. So, what do you all think?

In reality, I did pick this bouquet for some young ladies assisted by their brothers. The ratio of dandelions to other flowers was too much for their refined collective taste so, the bouquet was given to the cats. So much for chivalry!
5/15/2006 5:40:10 PM by Ted Sands | Comments (4)


All my children and grandchildren gave me such a nice, nice, nice, nice Mother's Day. I am grateful to tears of wonderment, unceasing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) with great, deep love, Mama
5/15/2006 7:46:39 AM by Ma Sands | Comments (3)

Nothin' reallyChat

5/9/2006 11:31:27 AM by Joseph Sands | Comments (4)