Tiger Lily ExtravagenceBec and Lucas

Here is a tiger lily from my very own back yard...thought I'd share with everyone, but thought Mama would like it the most. :) Love you all.

God has been teaching me much lately...I will write soon on His workings.
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Hey Ted...QuestionBec and Lucas

If I had a personal page on here...I could post our wedding slide show. Would that be possible?
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My Life as it Were Final PtBec and Lucas

Y'all see, the whole time I was there trying to help Hamseh, I was fearing for his life, and I was afraid that he would be gone without ever knowing the full truth and giving his heart to the One who gave His life for him. I also felt so alone as I was praying to Jesus to just comfort him and to not let anything harm him from his unfortunate physical diabetic reaction. I felt alone because I knew no one that was standing around....of which there were about twenty workers just watching in disbelief or excitement, and I knew not one of them was praying, and I was not able to hold hands with anyone and cover this man in prayer together. Also I knew that it was a soul that I was praying for whereas everyone else there was thinking about the mere physical problem... save for the paramedics who were able to help him regain his health. The fact that I wasn't knowledgeable about anything medical pertaining to this situation left me the only option to just pray for the power of God to consume him.

Anyway I realized after all had happened and Hamseh was in the break room, that God did this to show me that humans are mortal... of course.... but you see I was treating the whole conversation that we had had previously with little concern and thinking that I wasn't really able to break through to this man. But God showed me that I am not indeed able to penetrate his spirit with truth, but my trust in God and that God will use me for His glory is the sole truth on which I rest. Hmmm that passage of Proverbs 3:5-6 is very real to me now. The Holy Spirit has been working on changing my heart in this matter and I have seen Hamseh once since the event, and I have been talking to him about some matters that I never thought would be possible for me to get into because I am allowing God to direct me and not my own intellect! It's exciting yet I know I need to constantly be ready to give reason for the hope that lies within me. Therefore I have been in much contemplation over this in God's Word and in prayer.

Please pray for me as I continue to reach out to this Islam believing man, that I won't get distracted by the deceptions in his beliefs and miss the whole goal of why I am doing this.... to show the love of Christ in order to lead Him to eternal life through Jesus!

Thank you all!!
6/11/2005 7:10:56 PM by Zach Sands

My Life as it Were Pt IIBec and Lucas

So to continue with what I was explaining, I was presented by Hamseh with the question, "What does the Bible say about other religions and how a Christian should treat those who don't believe the same as they do?" The first thing that had come to my mind was "love". Of course, first and foremost, we should love as Jesus has loved, and I proceeded to read to him from John 13 -- 34"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Suprisingly he smiled and agreed that this is what he believed too... but he proceeded to explain that this means one should respect the "opinions" of another... which in turn would be the opposite of hate. Ouch! That was a stumper to me for a second because I just didn't know where to go next. But I told him that I'd be praying to God for him and that I'd be able to give him more to think on the next time we talked.

So coming back to about a week ago, as I began explaining previously, he was back! I realized I hadn't thought about him for a while, although I had prayed for him once. He was apparently happy to see me and we began talking about natural things, ya know like day to day conversation, while he helped me unload his truck onto the carts.

I was getting nervous because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to help him further than I did the first time since I hadn't really seriously taken into consideration everything that he needed to know about the living Word of God! So not too much later, Hamseh was pulling a cart out while asking me a question. He said, "So did you find out more things from the Bible about my question from the last time?" And I told him yes.... because I believed with all my heart that somehow God was going to use all that I had read or heard from His Word during the last month to be able to open Hamseh's eyes a little more.

But boy, I didn't think God was going to scare me into it!! I was not too far behind Hamseh with another cart and I was pulling it up behind his when suddenly I looked up to see where I was going... and I saw Hamseh clenching the cart handle, his eyes rolled back in his head, and his mouth gaping wide open while his face was extremely flushed! I quickly left my cart and ran back to him to see him trembling to the ground in siezure. I quickly grabbed his head as he fell to the floor so he wouldn't hit it and make things worse. Then I yelled out for someone to call 911! So right away one of my crew members noticed where I was and ran over to help. He barked at me to hold Hamseh's head so that he wouldn't swallow his tounge and choke, then he rolled Hamseh over on his side. A couple of minutes later, a cop shows up while talking to dispatch on his radio to get some paramedics over right away. The cop had no idea what to do, and by this time, Hamseh had stopped siezuring but he was unconcious and perspiring profusely, his breathing was labored like he was snoring heavily, and he was foaming slightly at his mouth. Finally five minutes later, the paramedics showed up. They examined him for a few minutes until he finally started to come to and he scratched his nose. The paramedics then questioned him as to if he was diabetic, which he was, and his heart rate was at 58 BPM.

They then stuck a needle of some sort into a vein in his hand to inject some sugar solution and Hamseh was startled and knocked the needle out and his hand started shooting blood but they settled him and got the needle back in and taped it.

It didn't take too long for him to regain his senses and then the paramedics finshed up and left. Hamseh then walked to a break room with one of the leads to have a soda to up his sugar level some more.

This made me think and start praying.....as I was doing the whole time. But I realized why this had happened....

Please continue to part III of this crazy event...
6/11/2005 6:48:57 PM by Zach Sands


oops, I mean Zach... :)
Love ya lots bro!
Love, Lucas and Bec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome Zach!Bec and Lucas

Haven't heard from you for a while. Did you just find the message board? Take care...Luv ya!
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Our Baby!Bec and Lucas

Our due date is December 31st for those of you who didn't know :) Our first doctor's appt. is June first. I'm excited! We have chosen to go with a midwife. I have succesfully been accepted onto badgercare and will receive WIC as well. Thanks for praying everyone. Sometimes I get a little nervous, but for the most part, I'm real excited! Lucas beams whenever he talks about it. We really want a boy! But if God gives us a girl, hey, we'll love her all the same. Love you guys a bunch! TTYL
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I received my husband back safe and sound!Bec and Lucas

Hey family, he's home!!! Wow! Never knew I could miss a guy so much! We'll, he might have to do it again in July, but this time, I just might go to visit him. I've never seen the ocean! Never! So I can't wait! We'll, we will see you guys on Sunday, I know Renaya is looking forward to seeing her favorite uncle Lucas. Lucas' wife doesn't really count in her book.
Anyway, love you guys, see ya later.
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OUr wedding horses!Bec and Lucas

You know the horse and carriage we were supossed to have at our wedding? Well, here is a picture of those awesome Percheron Drafts. I would love to have a 10 year anniversary reminiscant and do a horse and carriage. Lucas is doing well in Puerto Rico...Misses me terribly! :)
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Lucas is in Puerto RicoBec and Lucas

Hey family. Lucas left Saturday at 3:30am on a C-130 headed for Puerto Rico. He is there until April 9th. PLease keep him in prayer for his spiritual and physical health for the next two weeks. That would be a blessing. We love you all. Thanks for keeping in touch.
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Hey, Ted...The computer Genious!Bec and Lucas

Send me a line on how to make my pictures that size myself. It would be a whole lot easier than having you shrink them all the time. Thanks a million, - Bec
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Me, Lucas and PhotographyBec and Lucas

Hey guys, things are starting to settle in here down in Eau Claire. I am begining to make new friends (not as fast as I'd like to), I have a godly woman mentor and I'm going to this group called Golden Apples where older women teach younger women in the things og God and life's basics. We love our church. It feels like a family now. They took us in under their wing right away. Lucas works at Randy's family restaurant, a christian restaurant with christian music and everything. When we have you over, bring some extra cash to eat out there. Otherwise we'd have to send gift certificates to beg you to come.
Here is one of my latest photography pieces. I'm trying to put it under comments because it won't save here. It is one of my personal favorites; taken with Ted's old digital Sony Camera, which by the way, Lucas and I are dying to have!
Have a great week, we'll write again soon. Love you all!
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