I recently traveled to Atlanta and Cuthbert, Georgia with Mike Watters to visit the McClendons. We visited the CNN headquarters. This is the lobby showing the 8-story escalator which is the beginning of the tour. The tour excited me about being a reporter but I may have to wait for that mid-life crisis before I try that occupation... and a lawyer, and a preacher, and a statesman, and a business man, and everything else I want to be... (Maybe that vision will be fulfilled in my children... so much to do and so little time...)
3/3/2006 9:18:36 PM by Ted Sands | Comments (7)

Adam and TedTrips

Adam and Ted on top of Pike's Peak. We travel lots of places together. I was told there were some dying to see this image on the blog. So, here it is. Click on the Trips category to see other trips.
9/23/2005 11:32:53 PM by Ted Sands | Comments (7)

Joe and Kris' FamilyTrips

Hey Joe and Kris, hope you don't mind that I post your family picture. This was taken at the como zoo when Lucas was still in Puerto Rico. I thought it was a great family picture! :)
6/3/2005 9:30:17 AM by Lucas & Bec Carey | Comments (2)

Mt. RainierTrips

Adam and I just returned from Washington State. Adam Jarvis is now a married man and we have now seen Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier. I was so relieved that Adam never fell into a crevasse or any such similar hole because, most of the time, he carried all the gear. I would miss that gear so much!
5/30/2005 6:53:08 PM by Ted Sands | Comments (8)

Krista is marriedTrips

Krista Jarvis got married on February 19th. So, now she is no longer a Jarvis. Adam, mom, and I drove down for the wedding and came back through CO and the Black Hills, SD.

These are friends that we stayed with for a day and a half. This picture is taken at the top of Harney Peak - the tallest point in the Black Hills.
3/9/2005 10:26:10 PM by Ted Sands | Comments (1)