:)G.S. chat

Say, Joseph! :) Adam's on his way up north, with the FFA kids, and he thought of maybe stopping at Marge and Gordy's, so, in searching for their info for him, in all my myriad of notes on scraps of paper :) , I came upon, lo and behold! , the last thing I scribbled down about Doug Pautz's friend! :) Here's what I recorded: "9 Aug 03; Mary Swenson; in foster home in Marshall, MN; Doug Pautz' friend; it was her 53rd birthday when Doug died ~ 5 years ago" .............love, Mama XO! :)
7/5/2005 10:22:20 AM by Ma Sands | Comments (1)

Man childG.S. chat

Seriously! Who is the man child described in Revelation 12? What does the whole chapter signify? This is scary!
6/16/2005 9:54:25 PM by Zach Sands

:)G.S. chat

On Kristine's birthday, but in other years, were born also, Uncle Clete's 2nd oldest child, Kathy, and Mama's youngest brother, Michael Paul. :) And, on Renaya's birthday, yet in different years, were born, Uncle Clete's youngest child, Theresa (who is 20 today), and Uncle Bobby's youngest son, Jimmy, whom Papa was delighted with when we went to visit them when Elizabeth was 8 months old! :) (Jimmy was 9 at the time. :)
4/17/2005 12:28:45 PM by Ma Sands | Comments (0)

Ramble to JoeG.S. chat

Joe...you quit wasting your time. This page is for real important stuff like politics and all. I mean, don't you remember what happened to Howard Dean in Iowa. No? Well....this should help.


Anyway...it seems the less charisma, the more chance of winning the Dems Nomination. But then, they settle for brainless, friendless, Greenlandish (Princess Bride) tomato poppers.

On the flip side, Shrub is a smart guy. My wife says he grates on her because he talks down to people. She said she lives with a guy like that 24/7 and needs a break sometime.

Well? Would you rather a cocky infinitesimally mouth corner raising womanizing fibber like we had for eight years? She agreed that I had a point. I think I may have even gotten a kiss.

She loves me....she loves me not...she lov...oh wait...this flower only has one petal! A tip for all you people who are thinking of popping the proverbial.
3/17/2005 9:35:10 AM by Joseph Sands | Comments (1)

StarbucksG.S. chat

Hey Rubs... Sorry we went all traitorous and all. Kris went to get some fancy coffee for me and accidently got coffee beans. So, we went and got a grinder ($12.99 for those who think I spend too much). Then, she went out and got a bag of Starbucks coffee beans (($100.00 for those who think I spend too little) always a diplomat).

Hey...if Caribou got smart and started selling there fancy beans at local grocery stores, maybe I would have bought them. But they missed the boat on that one. Kinda makes you think that's why they aren't as popular as the evil S empire.

Anyway, no clue why I'm so defensive. We'll be scheduling a time to come over in the very near future. Just be ready for NO sleep!
3/17/2005 9:25:00 AM by Joseph Sands | Comments (1)

Need scannerG.S. chat

Hey...I can't put pix up on the message board w/o a scanner. Can someone email or fax me one? Thanks. Much obliged. If you fax it, I could get one of those really skinny ones that you can hardly know are there. Wait... maybe then, my girls would think it was a scale. Well.... then, you might see their cute little butts once or twice. Anyway... Hiya!
3/16/2005 2:54:26 PM by Joseph Sands | Comments (4)

GreetingsG.S. chat

Hi. :) Love you all. Write to me? (P.S. "G.S." stands for "Grandma Sands' " -- because, years ago, when all my children were little, she always would assign the men and kids things to do, and then slip into a chair at the kitchen table, saying, "....and WE can sit and chat." :)
3/8/2005 9:18:51 PM by Ma Sands | Comments (0)