State Fair Amateur Talent ContestPerformance

I want to let my family know that I have auditioned and, for the second year in a row, gotten a spot in the State Fair Amatuer Talent Contest Semi-finals in the Open Division category.

When: Saturday August 27th @ 6:00pm (seats fill up quickly)
Where: The State Fair Bandshell area right under the Space Tower by Gate 5
What: The show begins @ 6pm, and seats will fill up quickly before then, and the order of the acts is not going to be announced until the day of, so the show may go on a while before I perform. I'll be performing something that you've gotta see... don't worry I haven't gone too far out of the ordinary.... actually I really haven't gone far out at all.

Anyway, if you can make it, that would be an awesome sacrifice of your time, and I'd appreciate it, but if you can't, I understand as well!

Tickets for State Fair admissions are on sale @ any Cub Foods for $7 for any age on any day. They will be on sale until Thursday August 24th.

Parking is, as usual, around $9 within the Fair parking lots. Or you can opt for FREE Park & Ride locations which would drop you off by Gate 5!

I will be in Colorado until the 21st with Adam and Ted so I hope this answers any questions you might have; now you know!

God Bless!
8/4/2005 9:22:15 PM by Zach Sands | Comments (7)