Please PrayDesperate Need

PLease pray for the Selvig family. She was pregnant and about 16 weeks along. They just found out today that she miscarried. They are a dear family to ours. Please pray.
5/24/2006 5:24:40 PM by Lucas & Bec Carey | Comments (4)

MonitorsDesperate Need

If anyone needs a good used computer monitor, I now have a source where I can get them for $25.00. Just call me and I'll get it to you plus shipping costs in a week.
9/5/2005 10:00:47 AM by Joseph Sands | Comments (2)

Say, Joseph ! :)Desperate Need

I just sent this to Rebecca and Lucas, and will send it by e-mail to the others, too, 'cept Adam and Teddy, 'cause I can show them the paper copy. :)

-- Go to a browser, and enter the url and when the home page comes up, look at the left side, near the top, for the link to click on, in red type, that says “See our latest Report!” , and click on that..........then, when the new page comes up, click on the very first one in the list of Progress Reports, and when that opens, go to page 9 -- the article I’m talking about is on pages 9 to 12.......please read it? And, oh! if you guys can at all, will you send them some money for the Bibles for Syria???

Thanks for looking! :)
Mama XO!XO! (one for each of you)

8/20/2005 8:53:58 PM by Ma Sands | Comments (6)

Need MonitorDesperate Need

Hey anyone.... Can you hook me up w/ a computer monitor? Mine seems to be ready to hit the fan.
7/6/2005 6:37:36 PM by Joseph Sands | Comments (5)