Greetings, everyone. :)
11/8/2006 9:36:31 AM by Ma Sands | Comments (8)
Cool, cool!
11/9/2006 11:44:46 AM from bec
Jessica nee Watling, niece-in-law :) to the Kovach parents, has just given birth to a baby boy: Ethan David Berglund --message delivered by his cousin Autumn :)
11/9/2006 7:51:35 PM from Mama
Teddy just spoke on the phone with Gladys, our beloved old teacher from extinct Webster.......he says she sounds poorly, health-wise --please come visit her with me? pretty soon? remember how it was with Grandma McGovern? --if you'd like to see it before we go, I've got a Christmas photo of her and her family.....I think it's up on the top shelf in the dining room with the photo albums.....
11/9/2006 7:57:12 PM from Mama
'Case you haven't heard yet....Krista nee Jarvis, is having twins in 7 months.....and Jessica nee Edwards is having a baby in two months (she and her husband sent copies of the ultrasound photos to her parents) .......and I'm SURE you all know ? that Shelly nee Sands just had twin boys? :)
11/11/2006 3:54:50 PM from Mama
980 AM radio......just after the 8 a.m. news..........listen to Alistair Bagg! Ohhhhhhhhhh..........I've never heard the story of Zacchaeus told quite like that before! -I was weeping for love of Jesus before he was through..... :) I'd only heard Mr. Bagg once before --when Teddy took me to some convocation at that church where the animals are in the Easter play each year.....and I fell in love with him and his greatness in the Lord then..... :)
11/13/2006 8:17:27 AM from Mama
Thanksgiving. Oh, man, am I thankful! 'Specially for all of you. :)
11/21/2006 7:25:42 AM from Mama
Looks like not many are keen on using this venue. Mama, you're commenting on your own postings. I think we like to be together (phone, etc) rather than internet...
11/21/2006 12:39:06 PM from Ted all different means, at all times, lest one place, not covered, is missed when one of we tries to find me..... :) "I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living." Psalm 27: 13. Ohhhhhhhhhhh...the longing will not relent ): :) "Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD." And so I do. And so I will. Prov. 3: 5-6. :)
11/22/2006 8:53:24 AM from Mama