Senior Pics

I shot Lucas' cousin, Joel's Senior Pictures yesterday. Monkeyed around with this one in Photoshope a little to get the effect I wanted. Thought I'd share it with everyone.

Love you guys!
8/23/2006 10:03:26 AM by Lucas & Bec Carey | Comments (5)
Where is that stream.....? Do the rocks lead to a falls? -- I ask because Elizabeth was just here, making breakfast for us, the crepes she learned how to make at Lyn and Vince's -- she really came, to see the photos of her at Niagara Falls, & with Lyn at CNE when she was 8 months old.....funny -- it's been 28 years, and she's still piecing together the events that are so clear to me from back then..... :) .......about that photo above, tell me -- what in it is not like it was before you worked on it.....? Curious.....for, to me, it looks sharp and clear, so pastoral a scene.......
8/23/2006 11:50:29 AM from Mama :)
It's called Big Falls. Yes, there are falls there. I did what you call "burning and dodgeing" in photoshop. Basically it's painting with a tool that lessens and increases exposure in certain areas. That's why it looks so "pastoral" as you call it. :)
8/23/2006 4:05:39 PM from bec
Ah. Thank you. And, it looks great, as background in the montage above, too!
8/23/2006 10:23:35 PM from Mama
Hey Bec,

Maybe think high contrast then B&W or Sepia. The background is somewhat uninteresting. THe creek is cool. Abby once taught me about neutral density filters which, when attached, effectively decreases the light, allowing for an increase in shutter release time. This will make the water smooth white over the stones. Now, that will take removing the subject, leaving the camera on the tripond and shooting the second shot, then superimposing the two images. At least, that is how I see it could be done. Depending on the speed of the water, maybe it could be done with the subject.

Because of the sun and the other low contrast objects, my eye is not directed to the subject. Maybe the shirt should be a complimentary color to the stream instead of the same color.

Now, these comments are all intended if this pic was one of the senior pics. If it's only a picture for memories sake, it is a nice picture.
8/28/2006 12:42:16 PM from Ted
Hmmm....and, Teddy, what if he actually wanted to be a quiet part of the picture, no more nor any less than the quiet surroundings.....? What if he is an artist, and desired to leave, for posterity, an image of himself as only a part of his beloved outdoors rather than the focal point.....? How about it, Rebecca --what DID the young man want.....?
8/28/2006 6:37:02 PM from Mama