Today with Lucas

Sorry for all the pictures, but I wanted to share with you all the great day we had with my husband at a military base in Wisconsin. Buddy and I had a great time. I missed Lucas so much, I didn't want to leave when we had to go. He doesn't get back until Monday, it'll be hard, but it's almost there! Praise the Lord!

Love you guys!
8/19/2006 8:15:52 PM by Lucas & Bec Carey | Comments (2)
Wow. Those Lucas' Mom's sister's heart melts every time I see them! :) Jamison doing pushups! That American flag with the yellow ribbon on it -- beautiful! -- I've never seen one like that.......... That photo directly below this one...........sure can tell they are father and son! :) Ohhhhhhh....Rebecca! -- thank you for posting that one of the chute behind the plane! Oh, I want to go flying again!!!!! ): And, that family photo is SO sweet! -- your smile floods the whole scene. :) And, the very bottom photo, of the plane banking away.............oooooooooooooooo -- breathtakingly majestic. :) Love you guys, too! :)
8/19/2006 8:34:48 PM from Mama XO!
Cool pix!
8/19/2006 10:53:02 PM from Adam