The Blog

At times, life is a disparate activity. We fail to communicate by even the simplest means. With the advent of connecting technologies, we have been pulled further apart. Our interactions are more electronic instead of personal.

Herein lies the reason for the Sands Family Blog. The blog is for all of us to stay current with each others lives in between phone calls, letters, emails, and other means of communication. Use it often.

The blog has been created for the Sands family, friends, and relatives to keep in touch. Only close relatives and family will be allowed to submit entries while anyone will be able to leave comments. Everything on this blog is available to public viewing. To keep others informed, send them this URL: This is RSS capable as well. To access the RSS feed, go to .

This is an open forum where ideas and comments can be submitted and discussed. Other than the rules below, there is no censorship. Everyone that uses this blog should be sufficiently mature to handle criticism as well as compliment. Should any complaints arise, send an email to the xeBlog admin with the complaint. It will be investigated.

Blog Postings

Blog postings may be submitted by anyone with an account on the xeBlog. Every entry can have text, a title, a picture, a category and can allow comments to be posted or not. There is a length restriction on the entry text but it is doubtful any entry will reach this restriction. If the restriction is reached, email the xeBlog admin with the entry.

If a blog entry is deemed slanderous or inappropriate, the xeBlog admin reserves the right to remove the entry without notification or justification.


When posting comments to other blog entries, be courteous and take into account the quote this blog is founded on "Let your communication always be with grace, seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person...". If a basic code of conduct is violated, the xeBlog admin reserves the right to remove the comment without notification or justification.

If automated webbots begin entering comments, more secure measures will be taken to prevent this.