About Us

Ted (a.k.a. Theodore, Tido, Teddy, Theo, Teddy Pie, Mr. Sands)

I was born on December 31st, 1978, the second of a set of twins in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to a family that would eventually have 7 children. Unfortunately, I was born with a bruise from my twin brother kicking me as he exited. Fortunately, everyone was then able to tell us apart (I mean, think about it… what if I had been named Adam???!!!). I learned to read and write early and blew through elementary school. My biggest distinction was my nerdy appearance - large glasses (usually taped), skinny arms, and always in some sort of book, be it the dictionary for spelling bees, history books, geography books, science books, Jim Kjelgaard, Tolkein, etc.
It was sometime around 9 years old that I came to understand an order in the universe – an order only explained by the existence of a perfect Creator and fallen creation. It’s only remedy was the Creator becoming His creation in order to offer redemption to His creation. The creator, God. The redeemer, Jesus Christ. Of course, at 9, I didn’t understand it quite this way but I responded to it as such and began my journey through life as a follower of Christ – a Christian.
Through high school, I focused on academics and forwent organized athletics. I started college my junior year and by the time I graduated with a diploma, I had at least 1.5 years of college finished. In 9th grade, I was taking Biology, covering genetics. That thoroughly excited me and at that time, I decided I was going to be a doctor. I decided on studying Biochemistry because I could explore the intricacies of creation and it was a major which included pre-med.
I graduated from college in 3 years, took the MCAT, was accepted into Medical School. I declined because I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to do. All my life, I could tackle any problem be it construction, mechanics, etc. But, when it came to the human body, I was at a loss. I decided 5 months of training to be an EMT was sufficient and much more pertinent than 8 years or so of studying to be a doctor. A friend of mine that I had worked with off and on with computers asked me to come and work with him. I did for two years before going back to school and completing a Masters degree in Computer Science with a minor in Bioinformatics.
I currently work as a computer consultant in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.
So, you ask, "what is he going to be when he grows up?" Well, I ask myself the same question. For one, a husband and a dad. Maybe the president, perhaps a mayor. I enjoy business, law, theology, philosophy. So, I suppose my answer is, "I just won't grow up."


I was born in Phoenix Arizona. My dad joined the military when I was almost 2 so most of my life was spent in the military style of… live somewhere… pack up and move… move again… I got to live in California, Missouri, Virginia, Arizona, the UP in Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas... and some of those places I lived multiple times.
As I grew up I tried a number of different things like ballet, gymnastics, and karate but one interest that I continued to pursue was music. I started piano when I was 6 years old. My mother thought it would be cute if my older brother and I could each learn one hand of a song to play together for the relatives at Christmas. After I took it upon myself to learn both hands she decided I must be ready to start piano lessons. Through the years I have had the opportunity to study piano (under 8 teachers), violin (4 teachers), organ (3 teachers), and hand bells. And besides for all the teachers, my parents invested a great deal in these musical endeavors (thanks dad and mom!).
Up until last semester (spring 06) I was pursuing my bachelors in music performance. At first, while attending Central Missouri State University, I was working on a piano performance degree. After transferring to Hardin Simmons University I began to study organ as my major. Now I leave the degree pursuit behind but take much learning and training to be used as God would direct. From studying theory and ear training… conducting… singing in concert choir… orchestration… music lit class… lessons in piano, organ, and violin… playing violin in my school’s orchestra… and performing the first movement of Rachmaninoff’s Concerto #2 in c minor as a soloist with the Abilene Collegiate orchestra God has been faithful. My path has now changed from the pursuit of a college degree to the pursuit of creating a home and raising a godly family.
Speaking of family… I now have 9 siblings and am often asked if I am twins with two of my sisters that are near my age (we’ve even been asked if we were triplets when we were together). I have had such absolutely AMAZINGLY cute brothers and sisters… geniuses too! Being in a big family is great. You can have a party anytime because you always have at least 10 people at your disposal… lol.
God has truly been at work in my life… from age six when I made a profession of faith in Jesus until now at age 22 much change and growth has occurred. My parents made it a high priority to train their children in the ways of the Lord. I praise the Lord for His amazing grace and want to live to bring glory to Him! He is truly my beloved Savior.
God works in mysterious ways… this was clearly demonstrated in the way God brought Ted and I together… but now to continue you’ll have to read the "our story" section.